The Fairy and the Wizard

What if he had magical powers?

Narrated in a dizzying way, with scenarios that seem to be extracted from a futuristic film, you will immerse yourself in Ivi, a parallel universe where wizards and fairies live apart, as the only way to guarantee peaceful coexistence.

 In the midst of a forbidden love between a fairy and a wizard, fantastic beings from enemy clans, we have the beginning of a great conflict, which becomes even more intense when one of the creatures, the most powerful of Ivi, is in love with the wizard and willing to anything for your love. The reader is then transported to a thriller of romance and suspense and starts to root for each of the characters. 

Author’s Note 

It all started here. There are people who loved it. There are people who got lost out there … But finally, a certainty: It was the embryo of the first great fantasy saga in our country. What would you do for love? 

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