Happiness by Francisco Medina

This is not yet an official synopsis, after all we are finalizing the production of the new book, and why not a new Fantastic Universe created by Francisco Medina.

Happiness is the place where several enchanted couples went to live after they lived happily ever after. And where our group of friends: Davi, Arthur, Mia and Vanessa go to help King Carlo with a big personal problem, and more than that, in the middle of the adventure with the help of a yellow submarine they end up in the past of the planet, and live in real time the true stories told by the brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and others.

Here comes a thousand revelations about what really happened in the fairy tales of the Little Mermaid, The Ice Queen, Snow White, Cinderella, among many others.

Conheça a Naiade Viagens, a empresa de turismo de Francisco Medina. Diferente e inovadora, a Naiade é uma Love Brand Brasileira.

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