The Chronicles of Ivi

Launched in October 2012 in an independent edition, the first book The Fairy and the Wizard – The Chronicles of Ivi sold thousands of copies, and was recommended by bookstores and readers.

It was the first book to break records in numbers of fans on social networks, and to have at that time a Book Trailers in the style of cinematic previews.

It was ranked first on several online selling sites, too, and in bookstores it was the only national book on display among other foreigners.

His launch was made in the American format, with the author traveling to more than 40 Brazilian cities, including: Manaus, Belém, Fortaleza, Salvador, São Paulo, Rio, Florianópolis, Curitiba.

Anyway after configuring itself as one of the biggest successes of self-publishing in Brazil … and after that it plunged into a hiatus.

Amid thousands of requests for continuation, the author’s other activities as a businessman caused the sequences to take longer than they should, but in 2021 all seven books were released. Bon Voyage!

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